Let’s Talk About The Body Shop


Skincare … haircare … makeup … fragrance … all instantly get my attention …  all carried at The Body Shop. Recently I started using their Shea Nourishing Body Butter and can’t get enough of it. I got it for Christmas and have already used over half of the container. I use it after my shower, I use it before I go to bed, I use it before I go out, I use it all the time. Today I was out shopping and went into The Body Shop to buy more of this product and was blown away once again by how awesome of a company it is.


globe2Let’s Talk About Ingredients

One thing that really impresses me is the fact that their products use oils and butters from across the world to make them as nourishing as they can be. Their Shea Body Butter uses Shea butter from Tamale, Ghana, their Vanilla Chai Body Butter uses hand-picked vanilla from Madagascar, and their Wild Argan Oil Body Butter uses Wild Argan Oil from Morocco. The Body Shop trades fairly with these communities, so not only do we as customers benefit from the products, but so do the communities.


2017-01-15Let’s Talk About Pricing

Although the products are a bit on the pricy side, the benefits are well worth it. That being said, there are ALWAYS sales going on, and the sales going on today blew me away. IF YOU WANT TO BUY STUFF GO NOW (or order online). They have multiple body butters that were originally $21 on for $6.30, their jumbo body butters are on for $17, originally $34, select gift sets are up to 70% off, and of course their buy 3 get 3 free sale is still on, plus many more. So ultimately yes, the products are a bit pricy, but there are always amazing sales to purchase them at a discount.


untitledLet’s Talk About Employees

I have never had a bad experience here. The employees are always so friendly, so helpful, and never make it seem like it is a hassle to do something for you. Although this could just be the locations that I have visited, I am sure it is similar elsewhere. I always find the staff available to lend a hand and keen on helping you find what is best for you. This improves the overall experience and atmosphere of the store and makes it an enjoyable place to be.


bath-body-best-sellers_mLet’s Talk About Products

I have always been one to try multiple different lotions, butters, creams; I am always switching it up. I will buy expensive high quality products and I will buy cheap drug store products. After using the Shea Body Butter, I have seen a huge improvement in the hydration of my skin and it got me wondering why I use cheap products? There is an obsession with skin care and getting rid of wrinkles, keeping skin hydrated, using eye creams, wearing sunscreen everyday – everything to keep your skin looking as fresh and renewed as it can. If we are putting that much money and time into our face products, should we not be doing the same with our body products? We should all be wearing sunscreen not only on our face, we should all be using hydrating products not only on our face, and we should all be keeping our skin the healthiest it can be. What better way than to use lotions, butters, and creams that contain beneficial ingredients? What I really like about The Body Shop is that they are not completely concerned with scents and appearance without having an actual good product (like many company’s are). Although they do all have nice scents and the packaging is wonderful, they also are committed to making a product that is really effective.

I hope that you all will try out their body butters sometime in the future if you haven’t already because they have worked so well for me and I would love for everyone to experience the wonders of their products.

Thanks for reading!



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